Galați România

Bio: Visual Artist Tudor Serban's creation can be distinguished by the contradictory note between the precision of the figures or characters that he represents and the chaotic composition they are integrated into. Oversized portraits, continually achieved in a mixed technique, transmit the anxiety of a dissolving substance, the anxiety of the oil colors in contradiction with the acrylic and the watercolor. Since 2005 Tudor Serban is a graduate of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He currently teaches Painting at the “Lower Danube” University in Galati, Romania and he has a PhD in Visual Arts since December 2012. His PhD thesis title is “Social and aesthetics in the evolution of the comic-strips" coordinated by Radu Solovăstru. Since 2005 he has a great number of public appearances, presenting pieces of work within group exhibitions or organizing personal exhibitions. If you come to one of the artist's exhibitions and move your eyes from one work to another, you live a childish joy for the game of shapes, lines and colors but you also have the feeling that the one from the painting confiscated your revelation for themselves. Written by Valentin Neacșu

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